Happy New Year!

Hello Hawks – well here we are again – locking down and home learning. We are really disappointed not to see you all in person this week but are working hard to set up a thorough and enjoyable remote learning package.

During the first three days we’ll be easing you in gradually with the hope that we can all get used to using Google Classroom effectively.

Below is a proposed timetable for learning which we will be starting from Monday. The timings are flexible apart from the 11:30-12:00 slot which is when we would like to meet you on Google Meet so that we can review the morning’s learning and read you our class story.

Hopefully you’re been able to pick up the maths workbooks for our next two units as well as the exercise book which you can use for all written work. From next week we will be including extension sheets in maths which are optional but will deepen your understanding.

Have a go at the English and maths tomorrow and we’ll see you at 11:30 to see how you got on!

We can do this!

Mrs Jenkins-Fry and Mrs Berry


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well done- we’ve made it!! Super effort from everyone for all their hard work this term and it was brilliantly finished with a lot of games, some absolutely FANTASTIC hair do’s and maybe a few sweet treats at our Christmas party. Thank you to the PTFA for providing us with some new games to play at lunch times too- they were a lot of fun today and I think will be used over the coming weeks and months as well! We hope you enjoy reading their writing pieces that were sent home today as well- I think it shows some real progress for many of them since the beginning of the term.

Have a look at the photographs from today’s party below – we really did have a great time. I was blown away by the dance moves of many – a real hidden talent for a few of you!

There has been no formal homework set for the holiday period but as ever please, please, please carry on reading- we’d love to hear some of your recommendations at next term’s first reading café too. Doodle maths and Times Table Rockstars are such great resources and make a real impact so if you have a spare 10 minutes a day- use them for this and I can guarantee that you will be able to see a difference!

All that is left for me to say is have a fantastic and restful Christmas, stay safe and enjoy yourselves!

Mrs Berry and Mrs Jenkins- Fry

Friday’s Reading Café

Evening all,

Another end to a busy week here in Hawks but a week filled with hard work and preparation for our upcoming nativity.

Today we tried something new in reading and held our own little reading café. We shared our recent favourites with each other, listened to snippets from the stories all whilst nibbling a biscuit or two and having a drink. It was really lovely to see the enthusiasm and laughter coming from certain groups as they shared their books together.

We’re aiming to make this a regular thing every Friday and are encouraging the children to bring in their book to talk about and share with the class. Given the current climate, children aren’t able to physically hand the books around the room but we can still listen and discuss what we’re reading. We’re really hoping that listening to and chatting about our books will help encourage all of us to read more- I certainly am intrigued by The Christmasaurus and The Danger Gang!

We talked about bringing in a small snack for this time which could be a small biscuit or some fruit just to give the session a different feel to our normal guided reading sessions. We will post some more updates soon – as ever I’m sure it will adapt and evolve over time so please watch this space!!

Here are a few snaps taken from our first café!

Photo Update!

Here are a few snaps from our various Science investigations over the last few weeks! We’ve enjoyed identifying and sorting materials and discussing what type of material would act as the best thermal insulator to protect our ice from melting during this party season (Covid Friendly of course!)

Do have another attempt at logging onto google classroom from home- I’ve attached a quick quiz about factors and prime numbers to check that it is all in working order and it is live from now!! Can you remember what makes a square number- look at the pictures below to rejig your memory!

We’ve had another busy week of writing and lots of learning- we’ve found writing in a journalistic style a bit of a challenge but I look forward to hopefully sharing with you some of the finished articles next week!

Have a super weekend everyone!


So having tasted and discussed various breads, we had a go at making our own. Our results were mixed and we have learnt that we need more accurate scales and better kneading techniques when making our next batch – which we plan to do I’m the next few weeks.

Welcome back!!

Hello everyone!

It’s been so lovely to see you all back hard at work this week! We’ve enjoyed creating the phases of the moon using Oreo biscuits and demonstrated some brill teamwork in our PE session this afternoon.

Children also spent time logging into Google Classroom and Doodlemaths today so these accounts should be up and running.

The easiest way to log into Google Classroom is to type “Google classroom” into a search engine, click on the link where you will then be asked to type in your email addresses. The children have all been given one of these and we will send them home on a slip on Monday. Once they are into Google Classroom, they should be able to access the learning available. We will start to put an aspect of the homework up there from next week just so everyone feels comfortable using it!

Doodlemaths is a fantastic resource to help with maths skills and we urge you to use it little and often to help brush up on units covered across the year- we will try to get some competitions going across the class- who will be our top doodler!?

Next week we will be sitting the NFER tests in lessons. These are nothing to worry about but will be extremely useful for us to help with planning and plugging gaps in knowledge and understanding. The results will hopefully also inform our parents evening meetings.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Mrs Berry and Mrs Jenkins- Fry

Hello Half Term!

We’ve done it! We’ve made it to the end of the first half term of the year so well done everyone! It’s been an extremely busy term and one which has seen you all settle back into the routines of Welton life with enthusiasm and resilience. It is definitely time to have a rest and enjoy some well-earned time with friends and family.

To excite you for next term because I know you’re dying to be in the know about what’s coming up we move from studying about the Vikings to learning about the Monarchy including the Magna Carta- have a research over the holidays if you’ve know idea what that means! We switch over from learning about Frida Kahlo to learning about and making our own bread in D.T- exciting eh!?

On a boring side note, the homework that was set on Friday did not need to be in today but is to keep you going until the first Wednesday back. If you’ve been super efficient (and I know many of you have) and completed it already, relax and let the good times roll.

To allow those good times to start with a smile I’m attaching some of the Art pieces from this term’s Frida Kahlo inspired learning. I know many of you have enjoyed seeing them on the windows but here are a few of them that you may not have seen as they’re on display inside!

Happy holidays all!

P.S to make you smile even further, here are a few examples of our response to Mr. Snell about extending the school day.

What a week!

Hello everyone!!

It’s been particularly busy in Hawks class this week; writing persuasively ( and rather brilliantly I must add), completing our Frida Kahlo inspired portraits and competing in a mini Netball tournament against each other this afternoon. I for one am glad the weekend is here for a bit of respite!

I will try and upload pictures of the Art work on here next week but for have a look in our class window on Monday and you should be able to spot a few familiar faces. Hopefully it’ll be something to make you smile as you walk past on drop off!

Despite a few minor injuries, it was brilliant to watch today’s mini tournament in PE. Team names were chosen (some a tad questionable!) and great teamwork and skill was shown by all. There was great moving into space and passing from some, whilst others shone at defending and marking up their opponents. At the end of the session the Teletubbies (I told you their team names were questionable!) were victorious and they had worked incredibly effectively as a team. As the term has progressed, Hawks class have become much better at being resilient and working through problems that arise in competitive situations so I think you all deserve a big well done!

We’re currently mid way through writing some rather passionate persuasive letters to Mr. Snell in response to some “proposed changes” to the school day that most of the class were in uproar about. Watch this space to see a few examples of their work later- I’m just going to say I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of any disgruntled letters from Hawks in the future!

Have a super weekend all and enjoy looking at yourselves in Netball action below!